Reasons you should start a podcast

You may have heard of podcasts gaining popularity as of recently and perhaps considered starting one yourself as a result. Podcasts can bring a lot of value in both a monetary and purposeful sense.

Whether you’re a business or an individual looking to put your voice out there, a podcast is a great way to go about it. This post will take you through the reasons why you should start a podcast today.

It’s trending and projected to grow

Podcasts are a bigger hit than ever, with new creators emerging by the day; the demand for new podcasts has only grown in recent years.

The number of total podcast listeners is projected to grow to 100 million worldwide by the end of 2024. Considering the raw demand for it, compared to the world’s actual population, this will only grow as more creators start saying their piece.

The freshness of podcasts makes it so there’s still room to add to it and set trends that haven’t yet been set before, which is one reason why you may choose to pursue your own podcast.

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It doesn’t take much investment

To start a podcast, all you need initially is a good microphone, computer, and audio software. If all you’ve got accessible to you, for now, is a camera, then you can opt for that instead to start out.

The key is to make sure you start. If you start initially with a great camera and mic, then you can leverage your clips and work on promotion on social media from early on, which is a relatively inexpensive strategy if you wish to put yourself out there.

With social media you don’t need to invest in ads, and you can simply work with hashtags and trending topics to attract your target audience.

That being said, it’s not as black and white as making content and just “getting” your audience; the better the planning and production value, which includes podcast audio production also, the better the potential results.

The cheap investment of podcasts in general is a great reason to start one for yourself; you won’t have much to lose!

Audio content is convenient

Audio content is convenient. Many creators tend to opt for the YouTuber or Blogger status, but considering how low the average attention span is nowadays, a podcast is a better place to start as it’s an ideal format for a great many.

People listen to podcasts when relaxing at home, but also on their journey to work, while cooking, cleaning and everything in between. So long as there’s a conversation topic that’s interesting enough to listen to, the content itself, being in audio form is already extremely convenient.

That being said, should you start a podcast, you’re already pursuing the creation of content that’s in demand and is most convenient for consumers, which you can spread across popular platforms, including YouTube and Spotify, to name a few.

You can build a loyal audience

Starting and maintaining a podcast allows you to build a loyal audience that’s worth investing your time into. Think about it, people crave intelligent conversation; the personable aspect of podcasts can make it so your audience comes back for more, feeling a genuine connection with you that they won’t feel in a radio interview, for instance.

A lot of podcasters base their content on audience input and suggestions, which in turn helps them maintain and grow that audience. If you’re the go-to choice to accompany listeners on their way to work, in their evenings and in the background of their days, there’s no doubt that they will develop a genuine connection with you and what you have to say.

That being said, the loyal audience gained from podcast creation is one great reason to pursue it, especially if you plan to profit from it in the future, whether that’s from the podcast itself or to help build your business’ audience.

Use it as a form of income

Another reason why many choose to pursue a podcast is that you can make real money from it! Similarly to YouTubers, if you build your audience up, you can make money from various sources, a few of which being the streams themselves, as well as brand partnerships for those who bring in a big audience.

Listen to any major podcast, more often than not they have an ad break for their sponsors; this is because brands are now starting to see the true value behind podcasters and the audiences they can bring in.

The Joe Rogan podcast, the most popular in the world, makes him easily over $100,000 per episode, so next time you doubt the potential of podcasting, remember there are opportunities to discover! One of the main reasons why you should pursue a podcast sooner rather than later is that it can make you good money.

Become an authority in your industry

A key reason why many influencers and brands are jumping on the podcast bandwagon is to use it to become an authority in their topic of interest.

Think about it, imagine you’re a fitness influencer that has amassed a following on Instagram; say you now start a podcast and capture the audience on Spotify looking for ground-breaking fitness content.

Not only are you capturing your audience on one platform, you’re now attracting an audience from various angles in different modes of consumption, which will only expand your potential as a creator and overall influence in your niche.

Never underestimate the power of your network; if you’re authoritative in the niche you wish to excel in, your influence will be respected for years to come.

Why haven’t you already started a podcast?

The question is no longer why you should start a podcast; it should actually be, why haven’t you already started?

It’s relatively inexpensive to start, you can make a good amount of money from it once you start gaining a loyal listenership, and you can build your brand with it all from one simple tool.

If there’s anything you do for your marketing in the next few years, you should highly consider starting your own podcast.

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