New gadgets with Mpow

I was recently sent a couple of items from Mpow to test out and as I simply love gadgets I was quite excited.

If you’ve not heard of Mpow before, they are the No. 1 Premium Bluetooth Accessories Brand for Smartphones. Aside from Smartphone accessories they have car accessories and portable speakers.

We were sent the following items.

Wireless Bluetooth headphones


These were really easy to set up and I was connected to my iPhone in a matter of minutes. I have been using these headphones on my commute to work and they are super comfy. It also means I no longer have to rummage around to untangle my headphones from my handbag anymore and they are also very compact.

I thought the sound quality was really good and feel that for the price (£15.95 on Amazon) it’s good value for money.


Waterproof case

The waterproof case is made out of PVC materials with a lock which you seal to makes the case watertight. I was a little sceptical that something priced at only £8.99 would actually be waterproof so I tested the case with some tissue in it first. All seemed good, so next up I tested the case with my iPhone and popped it in the sink.


I was genuinely surprised to find that not only was my phone watertight in the case. I could also use the touchscreen whilst it was in the case too – amazing!

I think this would be a must-have for keeping your phone safe whilst on holiday. You’d be able to get those “in the pool” shots and not have to worry about ruining your phone.

The neck strap means you can pretty much carry it around with you anywhere you go.

E has actually been using this to play Pokemon GO. There is now no need for me to worry about him dropping it whilst engrossed in catching Pokemon and the price tag is just a complete bargain!

Playing Pokemon GO!

*I was sent these items from Mpow to review, in exchange for this post. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. I love a good gadget! The phone looks like a good one, I like the neck strap x #picknmix

  2. the waterproof case looks fab! i have really small ear holes (not sure of the technical word) so i struggle with most headphones unless they are really tiny so not sure how id get on with the headset! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

  3. That neck strap looks ideal! Especially for the kids.

  4. Love the idea of the waterproof case, though I too would have been sceptical about it actually being fully watertight at that price! #kcacols

  5. I like waterproof case! I like to use technology in the bath much to my husbands annoyance. Maybe that would put his mind at rest! #KCACOLS

  6. I have some wifi headphones (not the ones here) and I love them. They are great for the gym, I don’t get tangled up with weights lol.

  7. I love that waterproof case – I think I’ll have to order myself one before our holiday next month #kcacols

  8. I have bluetooth headphones and love them 🙂 The waterproof phone bag sounds like a great idea, I might have to get Si one for Christmas for when he goes fishing! Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix lovely

    Stevie xx

  9. Ohhh these look like bargains! We have been after some bluetooth headphones for Biggest for some time as he gets tangled in the wire and uses his iPod to calm down so much. Need to investigate these! #KCACOLS

  10. This looks great Maria, I could do with one of these for Olivia as she scares me when she has my phone! #kcacols

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