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I love the fact that there are so many places in London that can still be undiscovered – no matter how much you may know the city. This week I have Kristie from Mamaprada sharing with us some of her favourite places.

What do you love most about London?
I love that you get a real mix of people in London and that you can be yourself. It’s also a very green City.

What’s your most favourite memory of London?
There are so many! Maybe my now husband proposing outside the Oxo Tower! But I love London during the marathon. You race around trying to catch up with the people you know running. Everyone is happy and cheering.You watch from under some of the most amazing buildings in the City.

If you had to pick one iconic building in London what would it be?
I think the Shard is pretty great for a new monument but the buildings in Greenwich, such as the Queen’s House and the Maritime Museum are stunning.

Cutty Sark

If you could recommend one place that’s off the beaten track and away from the hotspots for someone out of town to visit where would it be?
Columbia Road Flower Market is really special, it’s not just flowers but quirky shops, antiques and street food. I always take visitors to Gordon’s Wine Bar on Villiers Street by Embankment station. It’s the oldest wine bar in London and has very low vaulted ceilings. You can literally walk right past and miss it.

Best place you’ve eaten in?
J Sheekey which does amazing fish and has a very elegant interior or Asia de Cuba which has gorgeous and funky Instagrammable decor!

The last theatre productions/show or concert you went to or would like to see?
Wicked was the last thing I saw but Les Miserables is definitely the best show I’ve been to. I may have been 4 times!

Favourite place to visit on a night out and why?
The Oxo Tower bar does great cocktails and the South Bank is always lovely to go for a walk after dinner. Borough Market has always been a favourite haunt as it has lots of different restaurants, bars and pubs to choose from. Brindisa Tapas is particularly good!

If you live in London, how long have you lived there for? If not, what makes you visit time and time again?
I moved to London in 2004, I think I’m only just starting to think about leaving!

Queens House Greenwich

And finally a bit of fun – write the first thing that pops into your head!

L is for…Late nights
O is for…Observing people!
N is for… Never being bored
D is for…Delicious food
O is for…Old buildings
N is for…New friends

Kristie is the founder of An English Wife to an Italian Husband and Mamma to two children. Kristie has a 2-year-old daughter and a 5-years-old son. She’s raising her children bilingually and blogs about their journey and Italian Travel/Culture.

You can find Kristie online:

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