Making your budget go further for your dream kitchen

Everyone wants to design a beautiful kitchen that is as fun to be in as it is functional. But this can be a costly process, especially nowadays with designer furnishings and fixtures flooding the market.

So here is an article put together to help you avoid common mistakes when furnishing, as well as detailing a few tips and tricks to help you create your dream kitchen without breaking the bank.


Commit to doing adequate research

Before you begin buying furniture, fixtures, and appliances for your new kitchen, you need to research what you want, and budget accordingly. Planning ahead of time and researching each fixture and furnishing will help you stay on budget. Buying as you go is a good way to run out of budget, leaving you with a half-completed kitchen until your next payday.

Be sure to read plenty of reviews about items and appliances; make sure you are getting the best when it comes to quality for the budget you have. Another good rule of thumb is to cross-check multiple retailers to get the best deal possible and check clearance sections just in case.

This logic also applies to contractors. Make sure you phone around and assess the quality of the work they are doing versus the cost of the work. Reliable, punctual contractors are essential on a budget – you don’t want to have them running up the clock or ask them to stop for budget reasons halfway through the job.

Be honest with your contractor and let them know the absolute maximum you have budgeted for so that they can advise you accordingly.


Don’t be afraid to get creative

Many people fall into the trap of going with a safer option when it comes to aesthetic choices or even the overall design and flow of your kitchen. Being creative is a good way to create a room that is unique to you, and stay innovative with the space that you have at your disposal.

Start by assessing how you use your kitchen, what you wish was different, and then make a plan from there. You need to decide on the scale of your kitchen overhaul. Are we talking about a few new appliances or a whole kitchen renovation with a quality stainless steel sink, new counters and flooring?

If you are not entirely sure what you want yet, ask yourself: what is it that you want to change about the flow of your kitchen? What about the overall design, do you want contemporary, or traditional? Are you happy with the colour scheme? Do you have enough space in the right places for the way you use your kitchen? Are there any places where cupboards and appliances clip?

The next step can be to approach different types of kitchen design companies that specialise in particular aesthetics; to help you unleash your creativity. Another good place to look is online, such as Pinterest or Home Design Blogs for inspiration.

Don’t forget the accents

Many people forget to pay attention to the little things; like radiators, door handles, and even décor such as wall hangings and clocks.

Radiators are something you should absolutely consider. Are you going for radiator concealment? Or maybe you want one to blend with the overall feel you have for your kitchen? A good place to start looking is trade radiators, they have a wide range of different radiators for different functions, designs, aesthetics, and styles.

To conclude

These are just some of the things that can help you when it comes to getting that ideal kitchen design, no matter your budget. And as a wee golden rule for some parting wisdom, it’s always a good idea to set aside an emergency fund in case things do go over budget; 10-15% should suffice. Happy designing!

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