Life as a working mum: Embrace flexibility with these five career choices

Mumming ain’t easy, and juggling home, kiddos, some “me time”, and work? It’s like an extreme sport. But guess what? You can totally keep your career dreams alive and still be the supermum you are. We’re talking work-life rhythm, not just balance, by finding flexible jobs that mesh with your non-stop schedule and family needs. So, let’s dive into five perfect career choices for busy mum-bosses like you.

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Step up your game in Digital Marketing

“Digital marketer” might sound a bit fancy and intimidating, but trust us, you’ve got this! Every business today needs to shine online, and you could be the one making them sparkle. Your daily grind could include everything from running social media accounts to launching big marketing campaigns. The best part? Most digital marketing gigs let you work from home and choose your own hours. Pretty cool, right? And you can easily get started with a couple of online courses.

Go Virtual as an Assistant

Are you a born organiser who gets a kick out of helping others? Well, hello there, your dream job as a virtual assistant is calling! Virtual assistants are remote life-savers for businesses and entrepreneurs, doing everything from setting up meetings, and handling emails, to planning events. The best part of this job? You can work for multiple clients and shape your schedule as you like. Talk about flexibility!

Write or edit from the comfort of your own home

Calling all word-lovers, freelance writing or editing could be your golden ticket. Whether it’s writing snappy blog posts, newsy articles, or giving a polish to web content, the sky’s the limit. As a freelancer, you’re the boss – you choose your projects, set your rates, and can work from anywhere. And yes, we mean snuggled up in your living room while the kiddos are snoozing!

Play Monopoly for real by managing a property portfolio

Ever thought about diving into the thrilling world of property investment? Sure, it sounds a bit scary at first, but managing your own property portfolio could be rewarding and flexible. Here, your sharp decision-making skills and market savvy come into play as you buy, sell, and manage properties for profit. The flexibility is amazing – you decide when to do your property research, arrange viewings, or chat with tenants or real estate pros. Most of the work can be done from home, and with the digital tech available today, getting into property investment is a breeze.

Be an Online Tutor or Coach

Last but not least, think about being an online tutor or coach. Got a passion for teaching or a skill that others are dying to learn? Congrats, you’re halfway there! You could teach anything from languages and math to yoga or painting. The cherry on top? You get to decide when classes are, so you can plan your work around school pickups, meal times, and bedtimes.

And there you have it, mum-bosses! Five flexible careers to keep your professional fires burning while being a rockstar mum. Remember, perfection isn’t the goal – it’s about finding a rhythm that fits you and your family. So, get out there, see what tickles your fancy, and don’t forget to carve out some ‘me-time’ in the whirlwind. Because guess what? You’re not just a supermum, you’re a superwoman too!

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