Stay Active Ambassadors: Kicker Ball review

We’ve been super lucky with the weather recently-it’s been glorious meaning the boys are spending a lot of time in the garden coming up with weird and wonderful games to entertain themselves. Just the other day, they designed some kind of jousting game with their cricket stumps and their scooter!

This summer, we have been chosen to be Stay Active Ambassadors alongside Olympic Champion Greg Rutherford. As part of our role, the boys will be reviewing a few items from Character Toy’s Stay Active range. Last month saw us reviewing the Hip Hoppa, which the boys have loved playing with. This month we are looking at KickerBall. 

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Character Toys Stay Active KickerBall

The boys can spend hours playing football in the garden, although sometimes the ball ends up going into our neighbour’s garden. I’ve told them they need to practice aiming the ball better, and KickerBall has been helping them do just that.

KickerBall is designed to help you swerve, curve and kick the ball like a pro. Special panels and aerodynamic materials on the Stay Active KickerBall channel air in ways that a regular football can’t. 

7e97870d boys with kickerball

You can master 3 spectacular shots:

Under the ball

Strike the ball underneath to launch the ball into the air

Side of the ball

Kicking the ball this way allows anyone to bend, curve and swerve the KickerBall.

  • Kick from the left side and swerve the ball right
  • Kick from the right side and swerve the ball left

PRO TIP: For extreme results, make sure to follow through when kicking from the other side.

Centre of the ball

Strike the centre of the ball with your laces and adjust your kicking power to “knuckle” or bend the KickerBall.

dfc6dea0 boys with kickerball goal

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Stay Active KickerBall review

As soon as the KickerBall arrived, the boys were keen to give it a try. I’m not sure if it was just our ball, but it was a little deflated when it arrived. I was cautious about pumping it up too much, as the instructions do say not to over-inflate it. However, I managed to inflate enough using the pictures on the box as a guide, and the boys were off!

52af90bb kickerball

The boys were super impressed with the way the ball curves. It’s very lightweight and soft to touch, so it’s great for practising shots with.

It’s also worth noting that the KickerBall is for mastering trick shots only and not for use in football matches. You should also be careful if you’re wearing football boots.

24d14223 m kickerball goal

The Stay Active KickerBall is suitable for children aged 6+ and is available to buy on Smyths ToysAmazon and in-store at supermarkets.

The Stay Active range aims to help reduce childhood obesity and mental health issues. It also helps reduce kids’ screen time by giving them an activity to stay active and have fun. You can also see the full Stay Active range here.

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