How your home can affect your children’s behaviour

One of the biggest challenges that any parent faces is knowing how to manage their child’s behaviour. Even the most well-behaved kids can have lapses and make mistakes. Knowing how to deal with this properly and appropriately is a fine line that all parents need to find their own way of walking. But of course, your children’s behaviour is about more than what they’re taught at home and in school. It’s determined by a huge range of factors encompassing everything from their diet to changes in the weather. The impact of the home environment on your kids’ behaviour should also not be overlooked. And by the home environment, I don’t just mean the love, care and attention they receive in the home. I’m talking about the home itself. Every nuance of decor and maintenance can have an impact on children’s behaviour and development. Here we’ll look at some ways in which your home can help keep your little ones calmer, happier and healthier. 


Calm over chaos

Studies show that a messy and chaotic home can have a disruptive effect on children’s behaviour. But we all know that keeping the home calm, clean and tidy when you have little ones is a challenge. This is why it’s so vitally important to ensure that children clean up after themselves after play no matter where they are in the home. Moreover, ridding your home of clutter and embracing a minimalist aesthetic can have a positive effect on the whole household’s mental health. 

Having fun outside and in

Outdoor play is an essential way for children to let off steam and burn up some of their seemingly boundless energy. Even solo play in the back garden can have a positive effect on children’s imagination as well as providing opportunities for physical exercise. So it’s imperative that you make sure your garden is safe for childs play. Get in touch with a fencing supplies company to ensure that your fences are secure. Make sure your children know of dangerous or no-go areas in the garden and let them enjoy some outdoor time. 

The power of a well-stocked kitchen

A kitchen that’s well-stocked with healthy food can keep children well-nourished and disciplined. While cupboards full of sugary snacks can create issues with attention, concentration and mood. Sugar is pure energy, and if it’s not burned quickly, it can have a range of adverse effects. Make sure sugary snacks are enjoyed as part of a balanced diet and kept out of kids’ easy reach.

No-go areas for tech

Smartphones, tablets and games consoles should not be feared. They can be a perfectly healthy part of a balanced diet of activities. Nonetheless, tech can be addictive for children and can impact negatively on their social development. Which is why, like sugar or caffeine, it needs to be carefully managed. Consider implementing no-go areas in the home for tech or limiting the times during which devices can be used.  

Room for improvement

Finally, your child’s room can have a significant impact on their behaviour. Everything from the colours used in their decor to cleanliness and tidiness plays a part in their learning and development. Warm colours like red, orange and yellow can be stimulating while blues and greens can often have a calming effect. 

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