How to stay active during the winter season

Some people all but forget to stay active during the cold winter months. Additionally, it can be hard to stay motivated when the seasons change. However, it’s not impossible. Here are some tips.

Practice indoors if it’s too told

Of course, winter brings severely changing weather. And it can be dangerous. However, you can make space for practising your favourite activities indoors. For example, if you skate, you can make some ramps and pads in your garage for skating or find local car parks and abandoned buildings. This means you won’t have to venture into the snow, making looking after your skateboard much easier and safer. It’s also free to exercise and train in your own home.

Change your gear to accommodate the season

The winter weather doesn’t have to put you off entirely. Some gear can be adapted to accommodate the weather. For example, you can wear high-grip trainers for jogging in winter conditions. And you can change the tires on your bike. Additionally, you can wrap up with tight-fitting thermals to protect your extremities from exposure to the cold. However, it’s best to make sure you are prepared for situations such as slipping down an icy embankment.

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Stay active during the winter with Virtual Reality

The video games industry is worth over $200 billion per year. And today, the VR revolution has become more encouraging than ever, with the PSVR 2 on the horizon. If you cannot get outside to exercise, VR games will literally give you a run for your money. With games like Creed II, you can train in a boxing gym with none other than Rocky Balboa. This is intense enough for any gym goer. And even games like Skyrim VR will tire you out due to the required movements.

Take short but intensive runs

If you love to run, winter can put a bit of a dampener on your fitness aspirations. However, even though it might be too cold or slippery, you can still get in some exercise. If the weather is forecast for severe rain or snow, the time your run. Get outside for intensive running or jogging before you know the weather will hit. For example, run twice as fast as usual for half the amount of time. That way, you will still get almost as much exercise as you usually do when it’s warmer.

Don’t become complacent

Winter is a time when everything seems to be going on. You have the holidays, entertainment, and spending time together. And with everything going on, it can be easy to put your fitness routine on the back burner for a few months. However, we also tend to overindulge during his season. And that means weight gain and making it harder on yourself to get back into it once spring comes around. So it pays to try to keep up with your fitness routine, even if it’s a bit less.


It can be easy to forget to stay active during winter. But it’s easier than you think. You can do almost any exercise indoors, try using VR and take short but intense runs in better weather.

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