How to find the perfect conference space

Planning a conference can feel like a bit of a Herculean task at times. There are so many different parts of the puzzle to fit together, and the stakes are often relatively high. As you’ll no doubt recognise, tasks like this become a lot more manageable when you break them down and approach each part methodically. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at how to find the perfect space for your next conference.

Think of the audience

There’s no such thing as a single perfect space that would be ideal for all conferences. Instead of looking for that one-size-fits-all solution, you need to get more specific and think about the audience that will be occupying that space.

That means thinking about the number and types of people who will attend the conference. Different audiences will expect different qualities of venues, and it’s important that you provide them with a space that they feel comfortable in.

Corporate event specialists

One approach that a lot of businesses find convenient is to use a corporate event space like CCT Venues in Smithfield. These kinds of venue providers can often arrange multiple parts of the conference, providing you not just with the actual space but also with catering, the tech needed to make presentations, and any other bits and pieces you might need. This kind of approach will often save you a lot of time and effort and, in some cases, might even work out being the cost-effective thing to do!

conference venue

Ask around

While you can obviously look online for potential conference spaces, it’s also work asking around your professional network. There are so many potential options, especially in places like London, that it’s entirely possible that the best option for you won’t show up on internet searches or in the main guides you’d normally look in.

Put some feelers out on your network for recommendations, and also have a think about past conferences that you’ve been to, and whether there was anywhere that really captured your attention.

Check the venue’s reputation

Once you’ve identified a potential space, it’s crucial that you do your due diligence and check the venue’s reputation. If you’re holding a conference, you’ll potentially be inviting a lot of key industry players to this space, and if anything goes seriously wrong, it’s your brand image that’s at stake. Check the venue’s reviews on their Google business page, and try to get an idea of things that they’ve struggled to deal with in the past.

By taking your conference venue search seriously, and going through the stages we’ve mentioned above, you can make things a lot easier for yourself. It’s always a good idea to try to leverage your network and past experiences with conferences so that you don’t miss out on any potentially perfect solutions. And remember, once you’ve found a solution you think you’re happy with, do your checks: you don’t want a mistake on their end to reflect badly on your business’s reputation.

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