House plans post COVID-19

We’ve had many plans for our house over the last few years. Last year, we were trying to decide whether to move or to stay and extend. It’s been something that we’ve been umming and ahhing over ever since – and then COVID happened.

Looking back, we’re glad we didn’t take the plunge to do either. No one could have ever predicted we would be in lockdown for so long, but this, in turn, has affected the housing market, the economy and our jobs. Both Mr H and I have been working from home since March, working together on the dining room table as well as homeschooling the boys. It wasn’t easy, but we managed to muddle through. 

Being at home 24/7 with the four of us has been a little testing. At times, its been hard to have some time to yourself. Trying to hop onto a Zoom meeting with noisy boys in the background hasn’t been ideal either. We live in a three-bed terraced house with a small galley kitchen, a living and dining room so there are not many places you can head to get some peace and quiet. With no office to be able to close the door to on school and office work, our house overflowed with laptops and paperwork.

We are lucky that we have a long garden and our current plan is to look into getting a garden office which will free up some much-need space in our home. We figured that doing this makes more sense than stretching ourselves to move when the housing market is so uncertain at present. When this happens our Video Doorbell will come in handy as we won’t need to trek all the way to the front of the house to answer the door.


In the future, when things are a little more settled, we would love to extend and add an extra room to our house. Places like Mortgage calculator will be handy for us to work out how much we can afford to borrow. You simply pop in the amount you’d like to borrow, the mortgage term and interest rate. From that, you’d be able to see all the figure broken down by monthly payment and interest you’ll pay.

We’re currently in the middle of a garden makeover at the moment, once that is done, our focus will be on looking at garden offices to see which would work best for us. Ideally, we’ll be able to get a decent sized one so we can have a dedicated area just for work, with no interruptions.

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