Summer fun with Gel Blaster SURGE

It’s not long until the summer holidays – my boys are counting down the days until they break up for school. We’ve already got a few days out planned, but they will no doubt be spending a lot of their time in the garden playing games.

We were recently sent the Gel Blaster SURGE to review, and before we even received it, I already knew it would be right up the boy’s street.

What is the Gel Blaster SURGE?

gel blaster

Gel Blaster SURGE is a rechargeable mess-free blaster that blasts out eco-friendly, water-based ammo called Gellets. The Gellets are non-toxic and break down once blasted, leaving no mess or stains on your clothes. (this is a big plus for parents who don’t want to deal with the usual mess after a battle)

What’s in the box?

The Gel Blaster SURGE contains everything you need to be battle ready. The blaster is fully charged, ready to go with a pre-loaded gravity-fed hopper with 800 Gellets.

  • Gel Blaster SURGE
  • Interchangeable Barrels + Tool
  • Feedneck and Hopper (comes with 800 hydrated Gellets)
  • Electric Green Tip & Fins
  • Safety Glasses
  • Bag of 10,000 Gellets
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Quick Start Guide

gel blaster contents

How does the Gel Blaster SURGE work?

The Gel Blaster has two blast modes: semi-automatic (1 Gellet per trigger pull) or full automatic (8 Gellets per second when holding down the trigger), and when fully charged, allows up to 4 hours of play.

Our thoughts on the Gel Blaster SURGE

In short, the boys absolutely loved them. We took them to our local woods so they had a bit more space to set up opposing camps to prepare for battle. The gellets feel like a quick sting when you’ve been hit with them, but it’s not enough to hurt and affect your gameplay. The boys happily roamed the woods, trying to outdo each other.

m gel blaster

e gel blaster

We found that the Gel Blasters are sturdy and well-designed, and they’re light enough to run around easily. The hopper with 800 gellets lasted around 15-20 minutes, so if you want to play longer, ensure you have hydrated some of the gellets (included in the pack) in advance so you can refill easily to continue play.

Where to buy

The Gel Blaster SURGE is recommended for age 14+, retails at £60 and is available to purchase from Toy Town Stores and Amazon.

m shooting gel blaster


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  1. These sound like fantastic fun. I would say it’s something my girls would have loved a few years ago but who am I kidding, they’d still love them now. lol

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