Designing Christmas cards using free fonts from Font Bundle

*This is a sponsored post written in collaboration with Font Bundles

As a designer, I have lots of tools and resources that I use daily to help me create graphics for my day job. However, it doesn’t just stop there as I like to get creative and crafty outside of my job and I love challenging myself to design and create things for the home and for friends and family too. Over the years I’ve created things such as Wedding Invitations, Place names and Table Seating plans as well as party invites for the kids birthdays and even branded t-shirts. I love that I can create something unique that can be personalised or even sticking with a specific theme depending on what my boys are into. We’ve had all sorts ranging from Minions, Star Wars, Superheroes, Paw Patrol, Minecraft and Pokemon.

With Christmas just around the corner, I am now, of course, focusing my attention on all things festive. I have already made my own wrapping paper (which I am really pleased with) and now I am looking to design my own Christmas cards too.


I usually design my Christmas cards using Photoshop, but before I make a start, I will have a look around for inspiration on the type of card I would like to create. Pinterest is usually a good place to have a browse – I can spend hours looking at all the pretty images on there and checking out craft blogs is a good place to get ideas from too.

Once I have an idea, I will then have a look at some free stock images from places like Pixabay, Pexels and Unsplash. After that, I will then have a look around for some different fonts to use. Choosing the right font can really finish off a design so it’s definitely worth taking the time to find ones that will work with your graphics. If you have a search around, you can usually find fonts free on the internet from places like Font Bundles. They are really easy to use. You simply download the zip file onto your computer, extract the fonts from the folder and install onto your Mac or PC. Once that is done, they should show up under the fonts list of any software you use.

Now you’re ready to design your Christmas cards!

I made my Photoshop canvas A5 size (105mm x 148mm for portrait or 148mm x 105mm for landscape)  before dropping in the graphics I wanted to use. I then selected my Font Bundle free fonts and had a play with different fonts and colours.

You can see my Christmas card designs below – what do you think?


Font Bundles is a great resource for creatives such as designers and crafters. They offer both premium and free fonts as well as a font free to download every week. If you are looking to create any Christmas related crafts or stationery make sure you check them out. You needn’t use professional software like Photoshop either. You can make and create some simple designs using software like Microsoft Word or Paint.

Why not give it a try?

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