Five things to think about when buying a family home

Buying a home is always a big deal, but when you have a young family to think about, it complicates the decision even further. Your checklist of necessities is going to be extensive, and you’ll want to make sure that any potential property ticks every box.

But where do you start when it comes to creating this criterion in the first place? With so much to think about, it can all seem a little overwhelming, which is why this handy list might help you.


You might think that you know exactly how many rooms you need, but remember that it’s always best to buy with a ten-year plan in mind. Yes, you only have one child now, but are you planning on keeping it that way? If the pitter-patter of tiny feet is a real possibility, try to make sure you have enough space for not just a young family, but a growing one.


We all know that you pay more for better locations, and whilst you may be happy slumming it yourself, you’ll probably be less so with little ones in tow, so if you’re not familiar with the local area of any properties you’re looking at, be sure to carry out your research with care. Compile crime rates and living standards to start with, to make certain that you’re giving your children the best early years you can.

Outdoor Space

Little ones love to run around, and the best family homes have beautiful, big gardens to give them a safe space to play in, so remember to take a look at outside areas with an eagle-eyed gaze. Remember, the exterior doesn’t have to be perfect to start with; it just has to have the potential to become what you’re looking for with a little tender, loving care.

Local Amenities

Next up, look at the local amenities. What’s nearby to keep your children occupied when you want to take them out and about? Swimming pools and soft play facilities are always good signs, as are cinemas, bowling allies, and public parks. A nearby supermarket will also make your life much easier, and a decent doctors surgery within close walking distance is an essential.

Catchment Areas

Last but not least, let’s take a look at one of the most important criteria: catchment areas. The desire to get your children into a good school can be enough in and of itself to make you relocate, so ensure you’re somewhere you’re happy to stay when it’s time to send them to primary or high school. You can find lots of handy information to help you compare the local offerings on GOV.UK so take a peek as part of your property search.

Compile your criterion, stand firm when making your selections, and you should soon find the perfect family home. Simply log onto a site like to start your search today.

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