Are they too warm? Too cold? Dressing your kid during summer

Kids…a wonderful blessing that comes with stress, worries and many financial problems. While having kids is no easy job, we know that it all melts down in a hug at the end of the day. But because parents like two things: to worry about their kids and to overdress their kids, we thought it would be a good idea to talk about how we dress our kids during summer. We know overdressing comes from a good place, but we don’t want our kids to get way too warm every 2 minutes this summer. We added some tips and tricks in case you still want to add 3 layers but make them a little breathable. Read along and get ready to smother your kid in hugs and kisses instead of blankets and sweaters.

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Light colours

We’re starting with a very simple suggestion that you might already know about: dress your kid in light colours. It’s a general fact that we should avoid dark colours during the summer as they absorb the light and get hotter. This is an important change for younger kids who are more sensitive to temperature changes. Making sure your kid is dressed in light colours will ensure their comfort throughout the day. And also, kids look adorable in pastels and brightly coloured clothes, so this one’s a win all around.

Breathable materials

Again, if you’ve ever bought baby clothes, you probably know this, but we’re still gonna repeat it. That’s how important it is! When looking for summer clothes for your kids, you should definitely look for materials such as cotton, wool, linen. Choosing breathable and natural materials will make sure your kid doesn’t sweat too much and feels comfy. A great example of this is kids sweaters and vests, they’re made out of 100% wool so they are moisture wicking and temperature regulating, perfect for a summer night. Choosing breathable clothes makes sure that you can layer some clothes even in the summer, and your kid will still be fine.

Loose fits

Last but not least, instead of keeping your kid in a tight bodysuit or some swimsuits that they can’t breathe in, choose loose-fitting clothes. We talked about the materials, but if you get a pair of linen trousers that are also a little oversized, this will ensure maximum comfort for your child. For girls, going for some flowy dresses will get them looking adorable while allowing them to move freely. For boys, overalls are a great idea as well as shirts instead of t-shirts for extra breathability. The best thing about these loose clothes is that they are as perfect for going out to the park as they are for an event, so there are no limits with this style.

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