Apartment living ideas for people who just don’t have enough space

As the world’s population becomes more and more urbanised, the number of apartment buildings is going to rise considerably. And that means that more people will struggle to find enough space for all their belongings.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the ways that you can maximise the space that you have available to you. Check out these ideas from real people all over the globe.

Don’t Hoard


When it comes to maximising space, hoarding if your biggest enemy. Sure, you might need an old tin of paint ten years from now, but there’s no guarantee. The same goes for plastic bags, old DVDs and any other trash you might have accumulated throughout your life.

Get Closet storage


Most houses for sale now come with closet storage, particularly apartments. Closets are the best way to make use of the available space as they allow you to keep a lot of clothing without encroaching on your bedroom space.

Use Plastic Storage Bins

When it comes to apartment living, plastic storage bins are a godsend.

If you’re the type of person who has a hobby or goes on a lot of adventures, you’ll often find that you don’t have enough space in regular cupboards in your apartment. For that reason, many people invest in storage boxes – clear plastic containers in which they put related items. You could, for instance, have a camping box, a photography box, and a craft box, depending on your hobbies.

Choose Small Furniture

Large furniture in a small apartment is a big no-no. It takes up way too much room and leaves you with no floor space. If you’re looking for furniture, choose bijou models.

Hang Things Instead Of Putting Them In Drawers

If you’ve got a lot of stuff and are limited for space, you often find that you can store things more efficiently by hanging them instead of stuffing them in drawers. In the kitchen, for instance, you might want to install a rail for all your pots and pans, instead of filling all your cupboards. Similarly, if you have a lot of clothes, you may want to add additional, portable rails to hang your clothes so that you don’t need to add expensive chests of drawers.

Use Vertical Spaces

While the floorplan on apartments might not be all that large, there’s often plenty of vertical space. For this reason, many apartment owners focus their storage efforts upwards instead of outwards. They look for opportunities to use the areas above their heads, especially for long-term storage.

What’s nice about vertical space is that you can employ it just about anywhere: in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or study. So long as you secure things correctly, you should be fine.

Use Drawer Organisers

Stuffing everything in a drawer and hoping for the best is a bad idea, especially if you want to save space. Many people use drawer organisers to arrange all their possessions, including things like socks, cutlery and folders.

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