Advantages of installing parental monitoring app for parents

Did you know that it is possible to be more relaxed, knowing the exact location of the children? If not, try and learn a few more advantages of installing parental monitoring app here.


Having children means continually worrying about their safety. No matter what age, there is always something to worry about, and many parents lose sleep while their children are away from home.

In the past, it was much more challenging to verify that the children were well, that they were safe while they were away from home. Today, with the advent of technology, we are all connected all day, and parents can be a little more relaxed with the help of some extra resources when it comes to ensuring the protection of their children.

Many are afraid to cross the fine line of control and think they will “spy” on their children. But tracking features can be used to resolve misunderstandings that cause a lot of worry and headache or even to address real security threats.

If used with common sense, the parental monitoring apps with tracking feature will not disturb your children, and you will have a more peaceful sleep knowing where they are.

How geofencing can help protect your children

Geofencing is a virtual boundary used to restrict the movements within that given space. Applications that use geofencing track the device’s location using GPS and send alerts as soon as kids leave the designated area.

Installing an app that uses a geographic fence can help keep your kids safe. The app will send alerts when your child enters or leaves the geographic area that you determine, making you aware of where they are at all times.

This type of protection can avoid unnecessary worries, help in case children are lost, or can even save lives in more severe cases such as assaults, kidnappings, and other crimes that could threaten your children’s safety.

In addition to determining a virtual fence, applications also provide real-time visualisation of the location of the tracked device. Great for quick checks, if your child is taking longer than expected to get home, for example.

FamilyTime – the complete parental monitoring app for parents to ensure children’s safety

Nowadays, there are several resources and applications, free and paid, that can help you keep your children always protected. FamilyTime parental monitoring app is among them and is known for being a complete parental control application for iPhone or Android. In addition to geofencing and location tracking features, it offers numerous features to track and ensure the safe use of devices by children and teenagers.


Besides knowing where your children are, you can keep them safe from other dangers like cyberbullying and harassment on the internet. Today, with the whole world connected and in the palm of our hands, we have to be very careful in the world when letting our children have full access because we don’t know other people’s intentions are.

It is not surprising, unfortunately, that children suffer aggression on social media. According to a study, 17% of children and adolescents from 8 to 16 years old have already witnessed cases of cyberbullying.

The world is full of malicious people who can cause trauma and emotional impacts on our children and adolescents, often without us knowing it.

FamilyTime allows you to monitor calls, text messages, video calls, image gallery, contacts, and many other parental control features to keep children safe, whether they are on the internet or not.

Now that you know the advantages of installing a parental monitoring app to track your child, how about installing and being more relaxed? To take advantage of them, install FamilyTime now.

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