6 ways to better yourself & focus on you

Being a busy mum is a rewarding role but it can also be time-consuming and cause you stress. It’s essential that you don’t let yourself get lost in the shuffle and that you commit to more self-care.

Be glad to know there are six ways to better yourself and focus on you, so you can be happy and healthy. You’ll never regret putting more effort and energy into yourself and improving in areas that will make you more joyful overall. Put the excuses aside and let this be a chance for you to focus on you so you can be at your best to care for your family and loved ones.


Hit the gym

One way to better yourself and focus on you is to get physically fit. Hit the gym often so you can break a sweat and reduce your stress. You’ll feel physically and mentally well after a good workout and can continue to set new goals for yourself as you progress with your fitness level. Mix up your activities and routine, such as taking classes, weightlifting, and using cardio machines so you don’t become bored and are challenging different muscles. Make exercise more fun by getting outfits you enjoy wearing and putting on some of your favourite music.

Go back to school

You can also better yourself and focus on you by choosing to increase your knowledge through education. Go back to school and enrol in an MBA program such as those offered by Suffolk University to take your career to the next level. Taking courses online with education providers like Upskilled will allow you to improve yourself without having to rearrange your schedule too much. It’s convenient and affordable, and an excellent choice when you’re a busy parent with the desire to improve your education and business knowledge. More doors will open for you after you complete this coursework, and you’ll soon be able to reach your full potential as a career woman.

Try a new hobby

Hobbies should be a fun and enjoyable way to spend your time. Take up a few new ones to better yourself and focus on you. Choose activities that put a smile on your face and force you to use different skills and talents. If you’re a big fan of football you might spend your time following your team to see how they do. You can also check out some predictions for today. Some hobbies you can do by yourself and there are others that will allow you to be more social and meet new people. If you try a hobby and don’t like it then move onto another idea until you find a few that are pleasurable and rewarding. You may discover new abilities you never knew you had or ways you want to spend your time instead of going through your normal routine.

Nurture your relationships

Having a social life is healthy and will make you feel good. Better yourself by bettering and nurturing your relationships with others. You may be so busy that you don’t make time to spend with the people you love. Instead, call a friend to talk and catch up or go out to coffee with a family member. These moments you have with others are positive memories you’re creating, and you’ll have with you forever.

Set aside alone time

It’s always wise to make more time for you and be alone once in a while. Although it may feel strange at first, it’s an excellent opportunity to meditate, reflect, and think about your life and where you’re heading next. Visualise your goals and where you see yourself in five and ten years from now. While it’s good to be busy and social sometimes, it’s also necessary to connect with your own being and think about you for a change. You might find that reading an interesting book, going for a walk, or writing and being creative are enjoyable activities that you want to make sure you do more often.

Keep a journal

You can also better yourself and focus on your health and well-being by keeping a journal. Write down your goals and aspirations and use it to help you practise more self-love. Reflect on what you like about yourself and what makes you unique. Journal about your problems and then brainstorm solutions that you might want to implement to help you get through obstacles you’re facing in your life. Use your journal as a tool for being open and honest with yourself and avoid judgments. Give yourself the freedom to be you on paper. Make a note of all you’ve achieved over the years and all that you want to do yet to give yourself some direction.

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