6 organic tobacco alternatives for your smoking mix

Everybody understands the dangers of smoking tobacco, but are there any worthwhile tobacco alternatives for your joint?

Globally, plenty of cannabis consumers roll their blunts and joints with tobacco and weed. For some, the fascination lies in the increased buzz of nicotine in the smoke. For others, it’s just a way of making their supply last.  And then there are those who are hooked on nicotine.

Why you should ditch tobacco?

Regrettably, tobacco causes the kinds of health hazards that are almost unimaginable. Every cigarette you smoke is packed with toxic compounds and carcinogens in shocking quantities. All of which multiplies the risk of various types of cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Consequently, it really isn’t a good idea to add tobacco in your joint.

On its own, nicotine is one of the most dependable nootropics – nootropics are substances that help improve cerebral function. This is perhaps why tobacco is one of human kind’s favourite drugs. Nonetheless, modern-day cigarettes and tobacco are filled with harmful chemicals that screw up your health. 

As for the following tobacco alternatives, each one has earned a strong following globally. However, none have been studied broadly enough to assure long-term safety when combusted and inhaled. If you’re looking for a tobacco replacement that’s not nearly as dangerous as the real thing, it’s worth giving one of these a shot:

Rubus Idaeus

Rubus idaeus, commonly dubbed the Raspberry Leaf, is readily obtainable and grows all over North America and Europe. Raspberry Leaf is extensively used to treat a lot of health conditions, including morning sickness during pregnancy, diarrhoea, leg cramps, anaemia, gingivitis, and cold sores. It’s also used as a uterine relaxant, to name just a few of its advantages.

Besides its many supposed health benefits, Raspberry Leaf is a perfect alternative to tobacco. Raspberry Leaf is a brilliant choice as a base because of its fluffy and light texture. Raspberry Leaf smokers love its mellow and smooth taste which complements marijuana nicely.


Real Leaf

Although most of the tobacco replacements on this post are natural, we had to include Real Leaf solely owing to its organic herb blend. Unlike other tobacco replacements, Real Leaf blend includes mulleins, marshmallow root, and raspberry leaves, which gives this blend a soft, sweet taste. The blend provides a well-balanced flavour that is ideal for weed smokers looking to get the most out of the cannabis plant. 

If you relish smoking joints but want to evade the deadly effects of nicotine, then a Real Leaf’s tobacco alternatives are an excellent replacement to the real thing. By using a tobacco replacement, you’re not endangering yourself to the lethal chemicals in nicotine, and you’re also not risking being addicted to a highly addictive substance that will damage your health.

Marijuana Leaves

If you’re growing your own marijuana at home, then why not try using the marijuana plant’s leaves as a replacement to tobacco in your joints? It’s recommended that you use the sugar leaves of the marijuana plant instead of the large fan leaves as they will produce subtler cloud and have a smoother chlorophyll taste. Sugar leaves also have more trichomes so you’ll enjoy a better high as well.

Calendula leaves

Owing to their strong healing advantages calendula leaves were popular and widely used in traditional medicine. Not only do you get high by smoking it in a joint, but it can also boost your immune system. It’s recommended that you pick bright orange and/or yellow flowers since that’s a guarantee that the plant is fresh enough and the therapeutic quality remains high.


Mint is in fact a group of around twenty plants, including spearmint and peppermint. Its taste should be very family to you since it’s in everything; from toothpaste to tea. And if menthols are so common, it’s no wonder that mint would also go well with your joints. We just don’t recommend you add it as your only extra herb. Blend it with something more besides marijuana. The menthol flavour is very strong and can suppress your delicious marijuana terpenes.



Last on the list, sage is one of the planet’s most common and readily available herbs. It’s also a bountiful grower, making it quick and easy to set yourself up with a permanent supplier. Sage is a common addition to herbal smoking blends for its wonderful fragrance and taste. 

It’s best smoked in smaller quantities, so this is just right to add to a herbal mixture instead of using it as a complete replacement to tobacco. Some of the oils in sage have been associated with pain relief, antioxidant properties, and improved brain function.


After reading the post, you know exactly what to roll your joint with instead of tobacco. Feel free to experiment using various organic tobacco alternatives and make your experience healthier, beneficial, and in some instances more effective. 

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