5 tips to make your children love fruit

Most parents I’ve come across have thrown me a simple, yet baffling question: “How do I make my child eat fruit?”


It is during moments like these that I come to wonder about the need for a holistic article that can help me dodge these questions for the 100th time in a week.

Yes, most children dislike fruit, with their attitude based heavily on those of their peers, parents and family. As a parent, you play a critical role in the well-being of your child, which includes their health as well.

Coming to the principle reason as to why children hate fruit, the answer is pretty simple. If you grow up to like delicious foods, the same applies to your child. One needs to put in a lot of extra effort to make all preparation in a way children enjoy.

You might have noticed that your child grows bored with the same old toys in a matter of weeks. Then how can you expect them to have the same monotonous veggies and fruits? Try to bring in variety with new ways of presentation, as well as recipes.


From my observation,  I’ve noticed that children absolutely hate large chunks of fruit. Make sure that you prepare a new recipe with small pieces of fruit. Try to make it colourful so that your child gets drawn towards it. Get creative, and you might end up seeing a tremendous change in your child’s outlook towards having fruits.


Milk is an essential component for bone development in every child. And most children love milk. Blending fruit and milk together amounts to a nourishing milkshake that your kids would love to have. Try adding a little bit of honey for flavour enhancement as well.


I owe this one to my mother. She used to make me a delicious fruit custard, consisting of fruits like apples and bananas, backed by milk and honey, and I have the same advice for everyone else. It really did change my outlook towards fruit. I’m sure it’ll be the same for your child as well.

Fruit Dipper:

You might not know, but the cutting of fruit plays a vital role in your child’s willingness to have them. Therefore, you should implement it in your kitchens. Try cutting fruit into a variety of fun shapes, and see the magic for yourself. Prepare a healthy yoghurt dip, mixed with honey and cinnamon. Let your kids have the dip with fruit. It’s that simple!


Nothing overtakes this, and I’m sure of it. It is human nature to prefer drinking over chewing. Not only is the process much faster, but it also ensures a much higher rate of digestion. And I won’t be surprised if all the other methods don’t work on your child, but only this one does. Make the juice as fresh as possible, and don’t resort to ready-made fruit juice available in the market. They contain a lot of saturated sugars, as companies aim to maximise profit using as few fruit as possible. Instead, make it in your home, and refrain from using extra sugar.

Fruit Bouquet:

This isn’t something that your child would be keen on devouring anytime soon because it’s just too beautiful. But scientific studies have shown that we tend to be attracted to things that are shiny from the outside. The aesthetic appeal that a fruit bouquet has will surely draw your child’s attention, and who knows, they just might start loving fruits because of their appeal and not taste henceforth!



You don’t need to be a dietitian to successfully apply these tips. You just need to spend a little time getting creative in your kitchen. Try some of the methods, the most important one being fruit juice introduction into the diet as it is a widely proven method!

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