5 relaxing gifts for mums that just need a moment

A mum’s job is never done. In one day alone, they’re getting the kids up and dressed for school, dropping them off on their way to work, picking up them after school, making dinner, helping with homework, then they tuck them in – and if they’re lucky, maybe fit in some time for themselves – before finally going to bed so they can do it all again tomorrow.

A mum’s job is harder some days than others, and on those particularly challenging days, they need a moment to themselves. A relaxing gift for the special women in our lives can help turn a challenging day around. Here are some sweet ideas for spoiling a mum who just needs a minute for herself.

1. A small self-care present

Whether they have a few minutes in the morning, or an afternoon to set aside, small presents to inspire self-care can be the perfect mood booster. Learn what the mum in your life enjoys. Does she like getting a stretch with a quick yoga session before a busy day? Does she prefer to unwind at the end of the day with a cup of tea? Take note of any little habits she has or rituals she wants to start including in her day.

Once you figure that out, you can pick a gift to suit. Stock up on her yoga essentials, or give her a new book that will help her unplug and quieten her mind for a moment!

2. Get them off their feet with a massager or spa

After a long and busy day on her feet, the special lady in our lives deserves to get off them and relax, which is why a massager or spa is the perfect gift.

A massage doesn’t just feel good, but it also comes with health benefits, such as improving circulation, muscle stimulation, and providing pain relief. There are plenty of foot massagers to choose from, and most of them come with adjustable speed levels and personalised settings, which allows them to control their massage.

Foot spas can also massage your feet and offer similar health benefits. By adding essential oils or exfoliating bath salts, you’ll help soften their skin.


3. Take care of their hands with a hand-pampering set

Spoil mum from head to toe with a hand-pampering kit. With all the things her hands come into contact with, and the constant need for sanitiser these days, it’s no surprise hands can become sore and dry – in dire need of some tender love and care.

Hand-pampering kits come in a range of different creams, scrubs and handwash. Pick a scent they love for a truly luxurious experience. Hand-pampering kits are a great quick solution – they can pop on a moisturiser in the morning and then do their scrub at night, keeping their hands nice and hydrated all day long.

4. Smell the rose (oil) with diffusers

Mums are used to plenty of smells – from uneaten food left in the lunchboxes to sweaty sports clothes. One smell they could definitely get used to is essential oils. A diffuser is a great way to  bring a little aromatherapy into their lives, providing a range of benefits like relaxation and helping them breathe a little easier.

Certain oils and scents evoke different feelings. Citrus, for example, can help boost her mood and energy levels. If you’re wanting to encourage rest and relaxation, then lavender and chamomile oils are the way to go.

There are plenty of options, from reed to ultrasonic. Some diffusers come with other features, such as night lights, whisper modes, and LED lights. They can even come as part of a kit that includes bottles of oils to get you started.


5.  Rest their eyes with an eye pillow

Some days, the best gift a mum can get is rest. An eye pillow can make this a lot easier, while also helping reduce puffiness that often comes with a bad night’s sleep.

Eye pillows are specifically designed to cover the eyes comfortably, helping mum catch up on some valuable zzz’s. They are designed to shield the eyes from light and apply a very gentle weight over them. Some eye pillows can be placed in the fridge to cool them down, and are great for refreshing the skin under your eyes. They’re also great during summer months. Look out for eye pillows that also have essential oils, like chamomile, to well and truly lull mum into a good night’s sleep.

While Mother’s Day is a great reminder to spoil the special lady in our lives, sometimes a gift for no reason at all can really make her day. A thoughtful gift that will help encourage them to relax is sure to be a favourite – no matter what you buy them!


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