5 easy ways to style mini bags with every outfit

It’s only been three years since mini bags made their big premier and they’ve been a hot topic ever since. But that doesn’t mean everyone gets why they’re so popular or even how they work on a practical level. So we’re here to break it all down for you and give you 5 outfits that are sure to get you as passionate about mini bags as we are.

The hottest trend this year: mini bags

There’s two sides of the mini bag trend that can help it make sense. The first is to look at them as a pure status symbol, something to be carried by people who have people to carry everything else. But while that explains the mini bag’s presence on the red carpet and in the hands of celebrities, it doesn’t explain why its appeal has gone beyond that rarified air.

That reason is the connected trend of minimalism. Carrying a mini bag forces you to narrow down your “essentials” to your truest essential items. It’s a bit like that feeling you get when you go out without any kind of bag, without needing to carry around so much. There’s a freedom to it that you have to embrace to truly love a mini bag.


The most prominent mini bags designers

You have to start with Jacquemus, the brand which first brought the modern mini bag to the runway back in 2017 and remains perhaps its most famous proponent. Their gold lettering on the side of their bags has really made their name synonymous with the trend. Of course, the big fashion houses like Prada and Dior all have their own versions, but smaller designers are really at the forefront.

Antwerp based KAAI is all about creating bags with a minimal design that’s still ideal for a modern hard-working woman. So if you need a mini-bag that’s still functional, they’re a great option. South Korean brand Rejina Pyo takes the ostensibly modern trend and blends vintage elements and materials. After all, women have been carrying tiny bags for centuries. So while you can’t go wrong choosing a mini bag from one of the bigger name designers, honestly you’ll find better prices and some very interesting takes on the trend from smaller ones.


How to style your mini bags

Whether you already have a mini bag or are considering how you might style one if you had it, here are a few ideas to get you inspired.

Trench Coats and mini bags

One of the dangers of styling a mini bag is for it to simply get lost in an outfit. That’s why you want to use simpler colour schemes, designs, and materials to act as a canvas to show it off. A trench coat does this extremely well for two reasons. First, it’s a large piece made from a single colour and material with a fairly standardized cut that doesn’t detract from your accessories. Next, it’s simply a classic look, creating a nice bit of contrast with a very fashion-forward piece like a mini bag.

Mini bag and all denim

Denim works brilliantly with a mini bag for many of the same reasons a trench coat does. It’s a classic piece which isn’t going to take away from your bag as the central focal point of your outfit. The laid-back vibes denim brings are also an excellent way to push back against the risk of looking like you’re trying too hard.

The oversized sweater outfit

You might be noticing a pattern here. A single-colour oversized sweater is another way to create a large and contrasting canvas for your small and eye-popping mini bag. But what makes this look unique is how the sweater creates a sense of comfort and cosiness which contrasts with the more exclusive feel that a mini bag brings. It’s a way to say “I’m comfortable” and “I’m fashionable” all at the same time.

The classics: leather jacket and mini bag

This is yet another classic look which can benefit a lot from a well-placed mini bag. Depending on the style and how it’s worn, a leather jacket can be a simple style classic or something with more of an old-school punk vibe. Either way, it’s a chance to create an interesting contrast with a more refined accessory like a mini bag. Also consider how colour and material play with each other here, for example by using a bright yellow leather mini bag with a black leather jacket.

Mini bag as the ultimate accent

This is how you really want to think about your mini bag, it’s a functional accent piece which has the ability to turn an otherwise simple outfit into something truly eye-catching. It’s not what you’d pair with your most out-there and flamboyant looks, but it takes simple and classic styles you’ve always relied on and just elevates them. So before you dismiss the mini bag trend as being overly pretentious and not something you can pull off, consider how you can blend it with classic looks for some stunning styles.

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