4 must-see beach destinations

If you’re anything like me, you can’t wait to travel abroad in the near (or at least, not-so-distant) future. I know that COVID restrictions won’t be lifted for a while, but that hasn’t stopped me from daydreaming about my next holiday. After more than a year close to home, I’m craving sun and sand and the smell of salt in the air. You all know how much my boys love to be outside! In the hopes of a less-restricted summer, here are 4 beach destinations that I can’t stop thinking about.


Three Cliffs Bay, Wales

To be fair, Three Cliffs Bay isn’t quite as exotic as some of the other beaches on this list. Our family loves to spend time in Wales and enjoys walking along the rocky beaches. Still, in all of our trips we have somehow never made it down to this gorgeous beach (or more properly, beaches), and that’s a shame! Three Cliffs Bay has a little something for everyone. For my avid summer outdoorsmen, rock climbing and hiking on the cliffs is a dream. And where else can you stand on a pristine sandy beach with a castle in the background? It is no wonder Three Cliffs has been named one of the UK’s most gorgeous beaches.

Saint George Beach, Naxos

Every picture of Saint George Beach looks like it could be a postcard. Crystal clear blue waters roll gently onto the sandy shores, and a lovely cafe is never more than a short walk away. It is also known as a particularly safe beach with calm waters, making it perfect for families with children like mine. While my boys are both strong swimmers, a little extra reassurance never hurts. It might actually help me relax a little! As soon as it is safe to travel again, this stunning Greek Isle beach is high up on my list for a visit.

Miami Beach, Florida

Admittedly, the US is a little more of a trip for us, but if we’re going to make the long flight, you can bet we’re heading to Miami. Periodically, I look at hotel deals and reviews in Miami, just in case a deal comes along that I can’t pass up. This sprawling metropolis on the coast of Florida is the perfect combination of a city holiday and a beach holiday. With a great mix of culture, food, and of course, the warm water beaches, Miami has everything that can keep a family entertained for days on end. You can try out a Cuban breakfast in Little Havana in the morning, ride bikes and swim all day, and then eat ceviche while you watch the sunset. Sounds like paradise to me!

El Nido, Palawan

While there are many (many) beaches in the Philippines, none are filled with quite as much excitement as the white sand beaches in El Nido. With large limestone cliffs jutting out of the water and sparkling turquoise water, El Nido looks almost untouched. As if that wasn’t enough, under the water is somehow even more exciting. Just below the surface are coral reefs, home to hundreds of species of marine life. For those looking for adventure, El Nido has excellent diving and snorkeling spots. Just be sure to travel during the dry season, which is generally December to May. It is much more dangerous to dive during Monsoon Season!


As more and more people around the world get The Jab, the light at the end of this very long tunnel becomes a little brighter. Soon enough, we’ll all be able to stop fantasising about beach vacations and start planning them.

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