Craft Corner: Halloween Paper Ball Bats and Pumpkins

With summer almost done for another year, Autumn is just around the corner and with that, it means its the countdown to Halloween and Christmas! Every year the boys get older the more excited they get about Halloween. They love choosing their outfits to go out and trick or treat in and each year new Halloween decorations are added to our collection. Making your own Halloween decorations can be part of the half-term fun though so why not give these Halloween Paper Ball Bats and Pumpkins a try?

Halloween Paper Ball Bats and Pumpkins


To create the Halloween Paper Ball Bats and Pumpkins will need the following:

  • Orange and Black paper
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Googly eyes
  • Blu Stick
  • Blu Tack
  • String or ribbon (optional)

1. Mark out and cut strips that are 1.5cm in width. You will need four strips per paper ball.



2. Fold each strip in half and then glue them together using the Blu Stick into a star shape like the photo below.


3. Once you have the star shape, gather each end and glue together forming a circle.



4. Next, fold a piece of black paper in half and draw and cut out some wings to create the bat.



5. Fold the bat wings in (around 0.5cm) and glue to one of the strips of the paper ball.


6. Stick on the googly eyes and you have your completed bat.


7. Repeat the same steps using orange strips of paper to create the pumpkin. Then cut a piece of green pipe cleaner and stick on to using Blu Tak, add on the googly eyes.


Your Halloween Paper Ball Bats and Pumpkins are now complete!


You could also add them onto some string or ribbon to create some Halloween bunting!


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Halloween Paper Ball Bats and Pumpkins

*I’m a Bostik Craft Blogger and we were sent a box of crafts from Bostik in order to create these items.

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